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Fusion SpeechEMR for Pathology

Best in KLAS Speech Recognition (FES) 2014, 2015/16

Dolbey, a world leader in clinical documentation solutions, delivers a comprehensive, speech-enabled reporting solution for anatomic pathology labs. Dolbey’s, Best in KLAS, Fusion Speech solution uses a pathology-specific context to maximize speech recognition accuracy.

Fusion Speech provides flexible options for every pathology professional, users can choose between front-end or back-end speech recognition and traditional transcription workflows.

Fusion Speech for Pathology is designed to integrate with all major LIS and Digital Pathology systems without the need for interfaces.

Dolbey’s award winning speech recognition for Pathology is reducing transcription costs and report turnaround times while increasing the quality of patient documentation and care.

Dolbey’s Award Winning Speech Recognition Solutions Fusion Speech®, Fusion Expert® and Fusion SpeechEMR® powered by SpeechMagic™

Unparalleled Features

Named Best in KLAS for Speech Recognition Four Consecutive Years!
2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015/2016

Supports Interactive templates and CAP reporting

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Q/A module ensures quality reporting and patient care

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Unique interface-free design allows for a more economical and flexible deployment

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Management reports: report TAT, productivity, speech recognition accuracy, etc.

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Front-end and Back-end speech recognition along with standard dictation options are available from a single application

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24/7 support - We're here for you 365 days a year including nights and weekends because we know Pathology isn't just a 9 to 5 job.

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What our clients say about us

  • "Dolbey has proven to be a company who is enthusiastic about the product they are providing as well as being consistent with their approach. The sales team’s professionalism is outstanding and demonstrates their willingness to provide the highest level of support. Dolbey provides resources without hesitation and is committed to building a long term relationship with our organization as well as our community. Munroe Regional Medical Center recognizes Dolbey as a reliable business partner and looks forward to continuing to build on this relationship."
    Carl Candullo Jr., Vice President and Chief Information OfficerCarl Candullo Jr., Vice President and Chief Information OfficerMunroe Regional Medical Center, Ocala, FL
  • "I have been utilizing Dolbey's Fusion Expert with our PACS system for over four years. This voice recognition system has helped us make significant improvements in our report turnaround times. Especially true in the Emergency Room, Fusion Expert has helped improve patient through put times. I have always self-edited all my reports, and with using Fusion Expert, it has been several years since I have sent a single report to transcription. I am very happy to work with the Dolbey Voice Recognition system."
    Evelio A. Alvarez M.D., Medical Director, Radiology DepartmentEvelio A. Alvarez M.D., Medical Director, Radiology DepartmentWestside Regional Medical Center, Plantation, FL
  • "Fusion Speech was a good choice for West Georgia Health because it allowed us to use backend, frontend, and integrated voice recognition to meet the varying needs of our physicians. This was significant because it allowed for variations in physician practice patterns which helped with our overall adoption of the product."
    Sonya Christian, MBA, CHCIO, CPHIMS Chief Information OfficerSonya Christian, MBA, CHCIO, CPHIMS Chief Information OfficerWest Georgia Health, LaGrange, GA
  • "The charts are completed the same day the patient is treated. I talk pretty fast and Dolbey keeps up with me. It has streamlined the way I document. I no longer have charting to do at the end of the day."
    Dr. Michael D. Bono, General Surgery, Board CertifiedDr. Michael D. Bono, General Surgery, Board CertifiedHazleton General Hospital, Hazleton, PA
  • "At Tristan, we have experienced many great benefits from utilizing Dolbey's Fusion Expert voice recognition system. Fusion Expert has greatly improved the efficiency of our radiologists and has reduced report turnaround time down to a matter of minutes. In turn, this has helped to improve our relationships with our referring physicians as they are beyond pleased to receive accurate reports so quickly. The entire process facilitates more timely patient care, which is what we strive to achieve."
    Brian Bloom M.D., Medical Director, Radiology DepartmentBrian Bloom M.D., Medical Director, Radiology DepartmentTristan Associates, Harrisburg, PA
  • "Since we installed Fusion Expert in June 2011, our report turnaround time has dramatically decreased. We are now providing near real-time final reporting during the day for inpatients, outpatients and ER patients. Most of our radiologists are using front-end self-editing tools, and we have found that after a short learning curve, their productivity returns to normal. The accuracy of the system is fantastic and the creation of templates and macros has facilitated an improved workflow. I am a first time VR user and I am very pleased with the Fusion Expert system. Our referring physicians appreciate the quick report turnaround time and the hospitals cost savings for transcription services is significant. Overall, Dolbey's Fusion Expert has exceeded our expectations and implementation was relatively painless."
    Martin L. Schwartz, MD, FACR Chairman, RadiologyMartin L. Schwartz, MD, FACR Chairman, RadiologySaint Vincent's Health System, Birmingham, AL