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Superior Image reporting through the power of Fusion Expert Speech Recognition Streamline workflows, increase efficiencies, and maximize revenue potential with Fusion Expert® powered by SpeechMagic. A powerful, flexible speech recognition solution, the Fusion Expert speech application accommodates a variety of workflows and integrations enabling physicians to deliver timely, quality diagnostic reports while providing comprehensive data capture and analytics. Contact Us

Fusion Expert Speech for Radiology

Take control of your radiology reporting

Fusion Expert software was specifically created to meet the rigorous demands of radiology reporting. With its flexible design, focused radiology speech lexicon, and data integration capabilities, it can enable the creation of highly efficient, customized workflows tailored to meet the needs of any radiology department. Dolbey can accommodate the physician who prefers real-time speech recognition and self-editing, as well as the user who wants to utilize the productivity of transcription, all with a single speech license.

Looking to create comprehensive diagnostic reports that improve patient care while increasing efficiencies and reducing turnaround times? Fusion Expert application offers multiple options for bringing external data and content into your diagnostic reports. Data can be inserted real time or, if the content is not yet available, added to a paused report at a later time. Below are some of the integrations we support. If the type of information you wish to have inserted in your reports is not listed please contact us. We are implementing new methods and integrations with various types of data on a continual basis.

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Web Reference Material

Fusion Expert software provides the ability to quickly access web-based content while creating a report. This content can be driven off the procedure and open specific follow-up guidelines such as the Bosniak Classification or the Fleischner Criteria. In addition, we can offer more advanced integrations with several other fee-based reference content providers.

External Data Integrations

Dolbey has partnered with several vendors to support DICOM SR data conversion to HL7™ messages which can be stored in the Fusion Text® application. We are also capable of receiving HL7™ messages directly from a variety of vendors. If the data desired can be accessed via an SQL Database, the Fusion Text module can be configured to retrieve this information directly from the source.

Extended data integrations Dolbey has implemented for our customers include:

  • Ultrasound Measurements and Content
  • Contrast Dosage Information
  • Radiation Dosage Information
  • Comparison Study Information
  • Bone Density Scan Content

Enhanced Quality

Whether you are looking to stay ahead of regulatory efforts or simply searching for a solution to improve the overall quality of your reporting, the Fusion Expert application offers several options for achieving your goals. Custom workflow integrations such as Critical Findings, Resident Workflows, and Dual Reads are designed to provide efficient and effective quality control measures to ensure accuracy and integrity of reports.

With our computer-assisted physician documentation, Fusion DocCheck™ (CAPD) module, physicians can receive real-time feedback regarding the accuracy and consistency of the report. Because it uses a rules-based, Natural Language Processor (NLP) engine that is fast and customizable, this module can be configured with specific and unique rules tailored to meet an individual physician’s needs.

In addition, a core set of rules come standard and include:

  • Inconsistencies including gender, laterality, and anatomy mismatches
  • Missing required information which could assist in ensuring complete documentation for billing and reporting for MIPS measurements criteria.
  • Automatic identification of critical, important, and incidental findings which includes reporting and follow-up for each of these items.

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