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Power your EMR with Speech Recognition
Fusion SpeechEMR
Best in KLAS Speech Recognition (FES) 2014, 2015/16

Fusion SpeechEMR® offers physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. The new feature of Fusion Expert® allows a physician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need of specialized integration to the third party application. By integrating Fusion SpeechEMR into Fusion Expert, physicians now have the ability to dictate into not only Fusion reports, but also medical reporting applications of any vendor or type. The Fusion Suite™ of products, which includes Fusion Expert, uses a single platform for any mode of physician dictation or speech recognition.

Fusion SpeechEMR for Pathology

We’ve tailored our award winning Fusion SpeechEMR software for pathology!

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Key Features for the Dictator

  • Easy steps using a Philips SpeechMike™ to support speech recognition into any EMR text window with Fusion Expert
  • Full access to Fusion Expert routines and templates
  • Automatically pull in existing text or template text from EMR window
  • Automatic spell check
  • Several user interface options to support different usages and to maximize screen real-estate

Easy System Management

  • No interface or integration setup required
  • Automatic speech profile synching across the network
  • Centrally managed speech system for:
    • Adding users
    • Modifying vocabulary
    • Tuning the system
    • Adjusting formatting options
  • One context and user language profile for both back-end and front-end speech

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