The US Patent Office has granted Dolbey a patent for Insert Text Grammar voice shortcuts

CINCINNATI, OH – May 22, 2023 – The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Dolbey and Company, Inc. patent number 11,640,820 that covers the systems and methods for the insertion of formatted text with speech recognition voice shortcuts.

Speech recognition engines are largely accurate – but complex strings of letters and numbers (i.e. BQH358) can be a challenge for speech engines to accurately recognize. The general dictation feature for most speech engines converts all spoken words to text and considers a very broad range of words of the given language, meaning tens of thousands of words can be considered during a dictation, including homophones and different forms of the same word (i.e. “one” vs. “1”).

Dolbey’s Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ offers a solution to this issue with the now-patented Insert Text Grammar shortcuts. Insert Text Grammar shortcuts reduce the number of expected values to a defined list of expected values in the exact format they should be returned. A single shortcut with any number of variances can easily be created and configured.

Insert Text Grammar shortcuts allow users to define the set of numbers, characters, and words that can be spoken as part of the command. Insert Text Grammar shortcuts reduce the number of expected values to a defined list of expected values, inserts the text in the desired format, and performs any other configured actions. For example, if “go to case” is configured to recognize a 3-alpha 4-numeric value, the command “go to case ABC-1234” could click in a search box, insert “ABC-1234”, and press return.

“Insert Text Grammar shortcuts have proven to solve a variety of speech recognition use cases and I am excited to see the impact the technology has on improving productivity,” said Curtis Weeks, Dolbey’s VP of Product Development.

With Fusion Narrate, Insert Text Grammar shortcuts can be used in conjunction with other voice shortcuts to perform multiple actions. The values recognized by an Insert Text Grammar Shortcut can also be referenced in script and Browser Automation shortcuts to allow for further customization and automation.

Dolbey continues to pave the way for more agile, flexible workflows with speech recognition. Dolbey’s goal is to provide much more than a speech recognition application by delivering a solution that provides first-in-class automation and productivity features, and innovations such as Insert Text Grammars.

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