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The best time to capture better documentation is before patient discharge.

Fusion CDI

Fusion CDI is now better than ever

The winner of the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 Best in KLAS or Category Leader award for Computer-Assisted Coding, Fusion CAC, now offers the expanded capabilities of Fusion CDI with the power of Artificial Intelligence. The best time to capture better documentation is before patient discharge. The synchronized review with AI in Fusion CDI will guide your Documentation Staff toward the charts that need attention.

Powerful Features

    • Dynamic Concurrent Workflow
    • Reconciliation Workflow
    • Custom Query Opportunity Indicators
    • Coder/CDI Collaboration Tools

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The power of AI in Fusion CDI improves everything

Dynamic Concurrent Workflow

As documentation is being created, the power of AI-powered Fusion CDI allows for real-time patient census queues that filter based on demographics. Fusion CDI prioritizes based upon CC/MCCs, readmission, LOS and much more.

Reconciliation Workflow

Fusion CAC will automatically reconcile charts where the working and final DRG’s match. If the DRG’s do not match, the reconciliation workflow will place the chart into a queue for CDI intervention.

Custom Query Opportunity Indicators

Use the AI to create Query Opportunity Indicators (QOIs). Fusion CAC allows you to create the workflow to tell the CDI team member why a chart was routed to them.

The workflow can be based on codes, clinical indicators that can translate into codes or it can be based on a suggested DRG that does not have CC/MCC’s.

For example, the workflow might identify that AI suggested I50.9 which is “CHF unspecified.” We would suggest the QOI to tell the CDI team member that it was routed to them because “CHF Specificity Needed: Look for acuity and laterality.”

The indicator telling them why the chart has routed to them can be customized to state whatever your organization wishes the message should say to CDI.

Once it is determined that a query is needed, use QueryBot™ to send and manage your queries.

Coder/CDI Collaboration Tools

Fusion CDI helps CDI specialists and coders to collaborate within one system. Fusion CAC enhances the entire coding and CDI experience with AI and Collaboration Tools. Providing a full workspace for both coding and CDI – allowing them to leverage the power that AI brings to the collaborative workspace.

Fusion CAC enhances the entire process as soon as documentation starts. Identifying problems while the patient is still in-house, providing better, more thorough documentation, streamlining the entire process, enabling coders to complete work in less time with more accuracy.

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Video Case Study —
Hunt Regional

For many healthcare facilities, the problem of integrating the CDI and coding departments’ communication, workflow, and reporting is a struggle with no seemingly easy solution.

Watch to learn how Dolbey helped Hunt Regional make this happen.

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