Fusion CDI

The Fusion platform includes a computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement application (Fusion CDI) that is tightly integrated with CAC. While CDI, Coding, and Auditing teams can work simultaneously on the same encounter, each has its own workspace. We make collaboration easy between the teams with the robust communication features.

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Introducing: Fusion CDI Alerts

Now, a new innovation, CDI Alerts™, a clinical deep dive into the patient chart that can identify accounts that:

  • Have a documented diagnosis without supporting evidence
  • Have clinical indicators without a documented diagnosis
  • Have an unspecified code with opportunity to gain specificity
  • Have conflicting diagnoses

CDI Alerts Benefits:

  • Accurately target charts that will yield the greatest query opportunity
  • Time to query is reduced by 80% due to precise clinical markers in the chart
  • Increased CDIS productivity and accuracy
  • Reduce denials by identifying charts that lack specificity before they make it to coding
  • Improve patient care by promoting more accurate charting
  • Drive more accurate reimbursement for the quality of care provided

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