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Fusion CDI
Clinical Documentation Improvement
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Fusion CDI

Fusion CDI

The Fusion platform includes a computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement application (Fusion CDI) that is tightly integrated with CAC. While CDI, Coding, and Auditing teams can work simultaneously on the same encounter, each has its own workspace. We make collaboration easy between the teams with the robust communication features.

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Highlighted Features

Slide Concurrent, Post Discharge, Prebill and Retrospective Workflow Case-finding and prioritization based on documentation deficiencies and query opportunities Engine suggested DRG on admission Routing for follow-up reviews AUTOMATION Reconciliation workflow for DRG mismatches between Coding and CDI Charts that meet Quality Indicators are flagged Provides CDI Working History that allows CDI and Coding to see the progression of the working DRG throughout the patient’s stay

Slide Search tool that allows a user to find words and phrases without combing through all the documents Notes and bookmark tools promote cross team collaboration Chart navigation features provide an optimized view of the patient chart Previous HCCs are brought forward from previous encounters WORKFLOW EFFICIENCY Mobile Query Platform

Slide User Dashboards with access to real-time data Over 30 Standard User Reports Simple Robust Ad Hoc Reporting Capabilities Report Scheduler for automated distribution REPORTING Calendar View for at-a-glance access to key data points


Slide   Increased case coverage   Real-time identification of Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) and Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs)   Reduced post-coding reconciliation reviews   Captured MCCs and CCs INCREASED/IMPROVED:   Enhanced reporting to show the success of the CDI program   Improved financial and quality outcomes   Improved provider query response rates and turnaround time

Video Case Study —
Hunt Regional

For many healthcare facilities, the problem of integrating the CDI and coding departments’ communication, workflow, and reporting is a struggle with no seemingly straightforward solution.

Watch to learn how Dolbey helped Hunt Regional make this happen.

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