Note from the Product Coordinator: Pack your bags for the 2024 ACDIS conference and meet us in Indy!

By Karla Kozak for ACDIS Blog

The 2024 ACDIS conference is just around the corner, and if you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry! There’s still time, especially for those of you who are local to the Indianapolis area. And for those of you who’ve already registered, stay tuned for some packing tips later in this note.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Too bad I’m not local to Indianapolis!” However, did you know that Indianapolis is less than a five-hour car ride from the following cities?

  • Cincinnati, Ohio or Louisville, Kentucky: Two hours
  • Chicago, Illinois or Columbus, Ohio: Three hours
  • St. Louis, Missouri or Grand Rapids, Michigan: Four hours
  • Detroit, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; or Nashville, Tennessee: Four and a half hours

It’s not too late to grab your CDI bestie and hit the road for a last-minute trip! With more than 50 sessions to choose from over three days and the opportunity to earn 13 CEUs, the 2024 ACDIS conference is a can’t-miss event. (Register by the end of March to save $100!). Plus, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included. 

Now, for those of you with flight tickets and conference registration in hand, I have a few packing tips to share. If you’re anything like me, you love a good list, especially when it comes to traveling. So, I’ve done the legwork for us all (you’re welcome) and put together Karla’s Official ACDIS Packing List to Alleviate Your Travel StressTM.

The must-have items on my list include:

  • Purple and/or orange clothing: Tuesday, April 9 is the day to show your ACDIS pride by donning our colors. Be sure to pack your favorite purple and orange clothing—and don’t be afraid to go all out!
  • State attire: Wednesday April 10 is State Pride Day, so pack something that lets us all know where you’re from, whether it be a jersey, ballcap, tee-shirt, or something else. This will allow you to easily spot CDI friends from your state. (Also, attendees should be on the lookout for an email from Associate Editorial Director Linnea Archibald next week about state chapter plans for lunch on Wednesday.)
  • Layers: I cannot stress this enough—no matter how hard our incredible events team tries, the temperature in conference rooms is difficult to keep consistent. Bring a cardigan, sweatshirt, or wrap that you can slip on in a colder room and take off if the temperature rises.
  • Comfortable footwear: With new sessions every hour, plus access to our incredible exhibit hall at breaks and meals, you’ll be on your feet more than you may think! Leave the heels at home and opt for shoes that will keep your feet warm and comfortable—trust me on this one.
  • Business cards: ACDIS is all about connecting, and that means meeting new people! Whether you have a great conversation with an exhibitor or hit it off with someone at lunch, carrying business cards is an easy way to share your contact info.
  • Cell phone (and charger): Access the program guide and connect with peers easily in our app! Be sure your phone is fully charged at the start of each day to make the most of your experience.
  • Notebook and pen (or laptop/tablet): With more than 90 speakers on our agenda, ready to share their experiences with you, we can guarantee you’ll want to take some notes! Access the slides in the conference app from your computer or tablet, or take notes on pen and paper, whichever you prefer!
  • Hand sanitizer: As you introduce yourself and make those new connections, you may find yourself shaking lots of hands. I know I always find myself looking for hand sanitizer before meals, so it helps to have a mini bottle to toss in your bag!
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