How technology will shape healthcare in 2023

By Rebecca Pifer for Healthcare Dive The COVID-19 pandemic kickstarted a rapid increase in adoption of healthcare technology, reshaping the bedrock of American medical operations and delivery. But as 2022 drew to a close, several factors suggested that technology adoption was slowing down, including a cooled landscape for digital health funding and a drop in…

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CDC Releases New Diagnosis Codes for 2023 With a Focus on SDOH

By Amanda Norris for Health Leaders The CDC just released upcoming changes to both the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code set and the official coding guidelines. The new changes include 42 diagnosis code additions, seven deletions, and one code revision. All changes will go into effect April 1, which should give revenue cycle leaders time to train staff and…

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Rev Cycle Documentation Errors Add Up to Almost $5M, OIG Says

By Amanda Norris for Health Leaders Now is the time to shore up your revenue cycle as some providers may need to pay for incorrect modifier usage. According to the recent report by the OIG investigating instances of incorrect co-surgery and assistant-at-surgery modifier usage, 69 of 100 sampled procedural services did not meet federal requirements. An additional…

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Electronic Medical Records Are Strangling American Medicine

By Dane Brodke, MD, MPH for MedPage Today Last month, 15,000 nurses went on strike in Minnesota in the largest private-sector nursing strike in U.S. history. They were protesting understaffing and overwork at a time when provider burnout has reached epidemic proportions — approximately 63% of physicians and 80% of nurses now report symptoms of burnout. Meanwhile, healthcare continues to struggle…

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Healthcare affordability a top issue for U.S. voters

By Steven Meyers for DH Insights It’s report card season, and U.S. healthcare affordability is getting mostly poor and failing grades from Americans, who are poised to act on this issue in the upcoming November elections. The West Health-Gallup 2022 Healthcare in America Report is based on their joint survey conducted in late June on a representative…

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