Smart Revenue Cycle Management

CAC, CDI, Quality, and Auditing Applications Joined in a Single Platform with Artificial Intelligence Technology

The financial health and stability of an organization depends on efficient and effective revenue cycle processes. The Fusion CAC single platform integrates multiple applications to support revenue cycle management. One platform and one engine for all encounter types allows the CDI, Coding, Quality, and Auditing teams to work seamlessly together, reducing duplication of efforts while saving time.

Fusion CAC has an impact throughout the revenue cycle because it brings together applications for computer-assisted coding (CAC), computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and auditing into a single solution.

Fusion CAC uses only one engine that brings together artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Documentation integrity with proper reimbursement and regulatory compliance are all possible when using the single engine that suggests ICD-10 and CPT codes and automatically prioritizes the work. The system bases these priorities on clinical indicators, codes, patient safety indicators, hospital-acquired conditions, HCCs and documentation integrity problems, to name a few. This works for ALL patient encounter types. By consolidating and organizing the patient’s record with all the necessary tools and references needed to streamline the coding and CDI review processes, time is saved, and productivity is increased.

Fusion CAC incorporates a provider query module that is shared by all users. With the integrated physician query module, users can write a query, send it to the provider, and receive notification when a response returns. Detailed reports are available for tracking and trending all query activity including the query topics, response rates, turnaround time, and quality and financial outcomes.

A Highlight of Fusion CAC Features

The Fusion CAC platform has all the features and functionality for improving the accuracy, completeness and compliancy of clinical documentation and coding.

Our Clients Achieve Results

Our clients realize both cost and time savings from utilizing our AI-driven CAC/CDI platform. They are doing more with less and delivering better service because of using the Fusion solution.


productivity for Inpatient by 50% and 20-40% for Outpatient


DNFC by 22% and AR Days by 2

Eliminate Cost

of Contract Coding/Outsourcing

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Dolbey and the Fusion platform:

Success Stories

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System wanted to increase productivity and decrease the DNFC (Discharge Not Final Coded) and payer denials.

Read to learn how Dolbey helped Sarasota Memorial Health Care System to make this happen.

Hunt Regional

Hunt Regional was looking to improve the collaboration and communications between the Coding and CDI teams. The teams share many of the same features of the Fusion platform, including the physician query module but have their separate workspace.

Watch to learn how Dolbey helped Hunt Regional make this happen.

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