Call us toll-free: 800-878-7828 — Monday - Friday — 8AM - 5PM EST
Call us toll-free: 800-878-7828 — Monday - Friday — 8AM - 5PM EST

Introducing QueryBot

QueryBot™ offers your providers the tools they need to quickly answer queries.

What is QueryBot?

Best in KLAS, Fusion CAC,
just got better!

Querying providers for clarification quickly and efficiently is an essential part of the CDI process. But, to the providers, queries are like dreaded paperwork. They may come by paper or in an email or EHR message. They must look for their queries and sometimes they are all mixed in with other messages. For many, the query process needs fixed.

From Dolbey’s Fusion CAC and Fusion CDI, we offer QueryBot. QueryBot delivers your questions along with relevant chart information through a secure integration with Microsoft Teams. Now, your providers can quickly find their queries from nearly any device through Microsoft Teams. They can use the app on their phone, tablet or computer at the office, clinic, hospital, home, anywhere! Even use the device’s own speech recognition to speed responses. QueryBot offers your providers help in answering the queries and will even let them know their query statistics around what’s left, how many were done and average turnaround time.

Now, with QueryBot, the Best in KLAS Computer-Assisted Coding solution, Fusion CAC, and Fusion CDI, just got better.

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