Radiology departments leading the way in artificial intelligence

By Sarah Sarvis Milla, M.D., FAAP, and Hansel J. Otero, M.D., FAAP for AAP News Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in many health care environments and even more so in technology-reliant subspecialties such as radiology. Most radiology departments already deploy complex software to manage increasingly large databases and a completely digital workflow. While…

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Workload fatigue is harming radiology residents’ reporting, declining as the hours, days elapse

By Matt O’ Connor for Health Imaging Diagnostic imaging utilization has increased dramatically over the past few decades, burdening radiologists with heavier workloads and higher burnout rates. This effect has trickled down to residents, as fatigue decreases the quality of their reporting throughout the workday and week. From 1999 to 2010, CT use increased by…

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How Harvard radiologists rapidly adopted a new reporting structure for possible COVID-19 patients

Marty Stempniak for Radiology Business When a patient with possible COVID-19 presents at the radiology department, it can trigger a number of urgent steps that include isolation, testing, strict cleaning protocols and the use of scarce personal protective equipment. Wanting to provide physicians with a clear process to report and launch these next steps, Harvard…

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Researchers at Mount Sinai use AI to detect COVID-19 in lung scans

By Kat Jerich for Healthcare IT News Researchers from New York-based Mount Sinai Health System have combined artificial intelligence, imaging and clinical data to rapidly detect COVID-19 in patients. In a study published this week in Nature Medicine, researchers used AI algorithms in conjunction with chest CT scans and patient history to quickly diagnose patients who…

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AI just as effective as clinicians in diagnostics, study suggests

Rebecca Pifer for Healthcare Dive Dive Brief: Artificial intelligence can detect diseases from medical imaging with the same accuracy as healthcare professionals, according to a systematic review of 82 articles published in The Lancet Digital Health journal Tuesday. However, AI didn’t outperform human diagnosis. In a small subset of the studies comparing AI and clinician diagnostic…

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