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Dictation & transcription have been standard practices in medicallegalpublic safety and insurance industries for years. Until recently the best option for recording dictations was on standard, mini, or micro cassette tapes, but with advances in technology, digital dictation recording devices have become the standard. Between digital portable recorders, computer handheld microphones, call in dictation systems and mobile phone dictation, there is sure to be a digital dictation option that is right for you.

Digital dictation is the process of recording a speaker’s voice in real time on a digital medium rather than a cassette tape. Digitally recording dictations offers many advantages over analog systems. Users can review or edit audio files by instantly re-winding or fast forwarding to any point in a dictation. You can easily store and automatically route your recordings with a dictation management system like Fusion Voice®.

Professional dictation equipment will record in DSS or DS2 audio file formats, which were created specifically for recording digital dictations. These formats compress your recording for high quality and small file size, making it easy to store and send your dictations. Fusion Player or a desktop dictation station can access and play these file formats.

Transcribe your files with Fusion Player or with a digital desktop transcription station. Each is supported by Fusion Voice and Atom Dictation™.

For complete corporate text management, with or without Fusion Voice, consider Fusion Text®. It’s highly customizable and completely integrated, crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system.

Fusion Voice

An enterprise-wide dictation management system that allows users to increase productivity in the dictation and transcription workflow.

Atom Dictation Management

A powerful dictation and typing platform designed for small to medium sized businesses where dictation and document management is essential.

Fusion Text

A highly customizable transcription platform that manages reports from dictation to signature.

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