MIT says AI can detect Parkinson’s from a person’s breathing

By Gile Bruce for Becker’s Hospital Review Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say a tool that combines artificial intelligence and a contactless sensor can detect Parkinson’s disease by the way a person breathes. The results of the study were published Aug. 22 in Nature Medicine. The noninvasive tool developed by the researchers uses an AI-powered device resembling a…

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Google CEO: AI is more influential than discovery of fire

By Hannah Mitchell for Becker’s Hospital Review Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, said artificial intelligence’s social benefit is among the likes of fire, electricity and the internet, according to a BBC podcast interview published July 11. Five things to know: “The progress in artificial intelligence, we are still in very early stages, but I viewed it…

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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Predictive Analytics Can Save Lives

By Shalini Sahai for For the Record What better time in history to challenge the medical community to find better ways to manage life-threatening diseases than during a pandemic? My recent work in this area focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) across the continuum of hospital admissions, laboratory tests, diagnosis, pharmacy, therapeutics, and suggested treatments…

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6 recent studies exploring AI in healthcare

Katie Adams for Becker’s Hospital Review In the past decade or so, researchers have piloted more and more studies exploring artificial intelligence’s potential to transform healthcare for the better, including reducing workflow inefficiencies, predicting future health outcomes and speeding up diagnoses. Here are six key AI studies that have been published recently: “Whose morality? Which…

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Artificial Intelligence: 3 charts reveal what hospitals need in the near future

By Tom Sullivan for Healthcare IT News AI is already having a big impact, but strategic planning is not keeping pace and healthcare organizations need to be proactive about developing tools now. Healthcare executives expect artificial intelligence to be among the most impactful technologies fueling innovation, but few are crafting strategies to advance emerging AI…

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