physician burnout

Electronic Medical Records Are Strangling American Medicine

By Dane Brodke, MD, MPH for MedPage Today Last month, 15,000 nurses went on strike in Minnesota in the largest private-sector nursing strike in U.S. history. They were protesting understaffing and overwork at a time when provider burnout has reached epidemic proportions — approximately 63% of physicians and 80% of nurses now report symptoms of burnout. Meanwhile, healthcare continues to struggle…

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New student enrollment down for health professions, clinical sciences in 2022

Nathan Tucker by Becker’s Hospital Review U.S. workers and professionals are considering alternative options to formal higher education, and the number of students seeking degrees in healthcare reflects the downward trend of overall college enrollment. College enrollment continues to decline, down 1.1 percent overall from 2021 to 2022, marking a two-year decline of 3.2 percent…

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4 surveys find female physicians experience more burnout

By Alexis Kayser for Becker’s Hospital Review Female physicians face higher levels of burnout than their male counterparts, according to four surveys referenced in a Sept. 14 article on the American Medical Association’s website. The article used the results to explain the “higher odds of burnout for women doctors” and advocate for a health system that better…

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How the Health Care Industry Battles Physician Burnout With Computer Literacy

By Inga Shugalo for For the Record In September 2021, the Journal of Medical Economics conducted research on the frequency of burnout in clinicians, with researchers finding that 80% of the interviewees suffered from burnout. Interestingly, it was not the COVID-19 pandemic that the interviewees blamed most. Instead, 31% of respondents admitted that excessive paperwork was their…

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The history of physician burnout

By Jina Sawani for Lab Blog According to a 2022 Medscape poll, burnout rates among physicians are steadily increasing. The publication defines burnout as a “long-term, unresolvable job-related stress that leads to exhaustion, cynicism and feelings of detachment.” This mental health concern endemic to medical professionals inspired Sam Schotland, M.A., a second-year medical student at the University…

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