Top 10 most-recruited physicians — Gastroenterologists are No. 4

By Alan Condon for Becker’s Hospital Review

For more than a decade, family physicians have been the most heavily recruited physicians in the U.S., but specialist recruiting increased significantly last year as COVID-19 caused a decrease in office visits, according to Physicians Thrive.

The advisory group compiled data from physicians across the U.S. and published its annual report Jan. 26, which includes the 10 most-recruited physicians:

  1. Hematologists/oncologists
  2. Family medicine specialists
  3. Obstetricians/gynecologists
  4. Gastroenterologists
  5. Psychiatrists
  6. Dermatologists
  7. Endocrinologists
  8. Cardiologists
  9. Radiologists
  10. Neurologists

Many of these specialties top the recruitment list because they generate significant revenue for hospitals and practices, according to the report.

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