Call us toll-free: 800-878-7828 — Monday - Friday — 8AM - 5PM EST
Call us toll-free: 800-878-7828 — Monday - Friday — 8AM - 5PM EST

When Dictation Stops, The Patient Story Goes Untold.

On-Premise Dictation and Transcription – Dolbey Fusion Voice and Fusion Text

The Industry Leading On-Premise Dictation and Transcription Systems – Can Be Your Solution!

Many have experienced a cyber catastrophe that exposed the vulnerability of not owning your dictation capture. It is time to consider bringing dictation and transcription back in house or at least establishing an in-house back-up plan. Dolbey’s Fusion Voice and Fusion Text are the industry leading on-premise dictation and transcription solutions for any organization large or small.

  • Provide a fully customized dictation/transcription system that requires little or no physician training
  • Transcribe in-house or safely export dictations to any transcription contractor
  • Install in your datacenter, behind your firewall and own your data
  • Allows for full redundancy and Class 5 reliability
  • Supports standard telco or VoIP and virtual machines
  • Offer telephone dictation, portable recorders and phone apps
  • Can be up and running within a few weeks

Dolbey’s Dictation and Transcription Specialists are ready to help. For a demo or more information, call this special hotline at 800-878-7828 x247 or email info@dolbey.com.

Dolbey Fusion Suite – Get Your Security back!

Dictation and transcription have been standard practices in healthcare, legal, public safety and insurance industries for years. Until recently the best option for recording dictations was on standard, mini, or micro cassette tapes, but with advances in technology, digital dictation recording devices have become the standard.

Between digital portable recorders, computer handheld microphones, call in dictation systems and mobile phone dictation, there is sure to be a digital dictation option that is right for you.

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