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The Pandemic’s Effect on the Coding Job Market

By Scott E. Rupp for For the Record Take the long view and—despite recent job losses—coding remains a strong career path. So far, the first year of the second decade of the 21st century has brought a lot of uncertainty—to say the least. Through April, more than 30 million people had filed for unemployment as…

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Guest post: Most common COVID-19 respiratory manifestations

By Alba Kuqi, MD, CICA, CCS, CDIP, CCDS, CRCR, CSMC for ACDIS CDI Blog In their review of the medical record, CDI professionals aim to reconstruct the patient story from admission to discharge by examining, understanding, and synthesizing many puzzle pieces from disparate systems and people. Many patients coming in with COVID-19 related pneumonia are demonstrating…

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Guest post: Sepsis 2.5

By Howard Rodenberg, MD, MPH, CCDS for ACDIS CDI Blog Sepsis-3 is celebrating its fourth birthday this year, and while it can be hard to judge the success or failure of a child until it’s forty, one can at least take an early look to make sure the kid isn’t tearing wings off flies. So,…

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Auditing Issues Uncovered in Physician Documentation: Part IV

By Terry Fletcher BS, CPC, CCC, CEMC, CCS, CCS-P, CMC, CMCSC, CMCS, ACS-CA, SCP-CA for ICD10 Monitor Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a four-part series that examines physician documentation issues as seen by an auditor. Click here to read part one: Auditing Issues Uncovered in Physician Documentation: Part I Click here to read…

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CDI Can Help Reduce Medical Errors

By Glenn Krauss, RHIA, BBA, CCS, CCS-P, CPUR, CCDS, C-CDI, PCS, FCS, C-CDAM for ICD10 Monitor CDI, when properly performed, supports the ancient physician oath, “First, do no harm.”  Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists(CDISs) play a vital role in the overall scheme of healthcare delivery through affecting measurable meaningful improvement in the quality, completeness, and accuracy…

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