13 thoughts on staying personally, professionally motivated through the pandemic

Scott Becker for Becker’s Hospital Review

During a recent webinar, five panelists shared their strategies for staying motivated during the pandemic.

The panelist were Samiksha Gupta, incoming management consultant for KPMG; Lourdes Paredes, managing director and wealth management chief anti-money laundering officer, Americas, for UBS; Justin Breen, founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications; Will Conaway, digital and IT leader; and Amy Hall, vice president of leasing for Physicians Realty Trust.

Here are 13 of their insights from the webinar:

    1. Find reasons to be grateful.
    2. Try to embrace an abundance mentality.
    3. Look for opportunities.
    4. Slow down, reset, reconnect.
    5. Embrace structure.
    6. Journal.
    7. Meditate.
    8. Know your motivation style and embrace it:
      • Task-driven
      • Social connecting
      • Need for external rewards. Don’t knock it; understand and embrace it.
    9. Look at your day in 15-minute increments.
    10. Make one decision at a time.
    11. Show compassion and concern for others.
    12. Limit your fear.
    13. See the good where you can. Embrace the silver linings.
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