15 Statistics on How EHR Impacts Physician Practices

By Laura Miller for Becker’s ASC Review

Here are 15 statistics on how electronic health records have impacted physician practices, according to the Medscape EHR Report 2012.

There were 21,202 respondents in 15 specialties with data collected May 30 through June 15, 2012 from physicians who previously implemented EHR.

  1. 26 percent of physicians say that EHR decreased productivity in their practice
  2. 23 percent say they experienced more efficiency after implementing EHR.
  3. 15 percent saw higher productivity after implementing EHR.
  4. 5 percent reported increased practice revenue as a result of EHR.
  5. 5 percent reported more medical errors after EHR implementation.
  6. 5 percent experienced lower costs after implementing EHR.
  7. 5 percent of physicians say the EHR had no effect on their practice.
  8. 36 percent of physicians say the EHR had a positive impact on the physician-patient relationship at their practice.
  9. 30 percent of physicians say EHR had a negative impact on their practice, most often citing less eye contact with the patient and less conversational time.
  10. 34 percent of physicians say the EHR had no impact on the physician-patient relationship.
  11. 44 percent of the physicians with EHR have already attested to meaningful use.
  12. 31 percent plan to attest within the year.
  13. 14 percent say they won’t attest for meaningful use.
  14. 11 percent plan to attest sometime after 2012.
  15. 83 percent of physicians with EHR say they plan to apply for incentives.
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