20 proposed billing codes for nonmedical health needs

By Kelly Gooch for Becker’s Hospital Review
The American Medical Association and UnitedHealthcare said they are collaborating to support 20 new ICD-10 codes related to social determinants of health.

The codes aim to more effectively address nonmedical issues, such as food, housing, transportation and the ability to afford medicine, utilities and other services.

The proposal for the codes was submitted to the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee, which includes members from the CDC and CMS. If federal officials approve the proposed codes, they would apply beginning Oct. 1, 2020, according to the AMA .

The proposed codes are:

Z55.5 Less than a high school degree
Z55.6 High school diploma or GED
Z56.83 Unemployed and seeking work
Z56.84 Unemployed but not seeking work
Z56.85 Employed part time or temporary
Z59.61 Unable to pay for prescriptions
Z59.62 Unable to pay for utilities
Z59.63 Unable to pay for medical care
Z59.64 Unable to pay for transportation for medical appointments or prescriptions
Z59.65 Unable to pay for phone
Z59.66 Unable to pay for adequate clothing
Z59.67 Unable to find or pay for child care
Z59.69 Unable to pay for other needed items
Z59.91 Worried about losing housing
Z60.81 Unable to deal with stress
Z60.82 Inadequate social interaction – limited to once or twice a week
Z60.83 Can hardly ever count on family and friends in times of trouble
Z60.84 Feeling unsafe in current location
Z60.85 Stressed quite a bit or very much
Z60.86 Stressed somewhat

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