7 statistics on medical coder salary, growth potential

By Laura Dyrda for Becker’s ASC Review

Professional coders are more likely to see compensation increases when they achieve higher credentials, and the percent increase in year-over-year compensation is higher for the most-credentialed individuals, according to the AAPC 2016 Salary Survey.

The survey was completed by 9.2 percent of AAPC membership, and 2.2 percent hold three or more credentials. Here are statistics on the average 2016 compensation for Certified Professional Coders based on credentials, as well as the percent increase over the previous year:

  1. Certified Professional Medical Auditor: $64,444 (3.4 percent)
  2. Certified Physician Practice Manager: $67,143 (3.8 percent)
  3. Certified Professional Compliance Officer: $75,680 (5.8 percent)
  4. Specialty credentials: $57,524 (2 percent)
  5. One AAPC credential: $52,605 (1.9 percent)
  6. Two or more AAPC credentials: $60,305 (3.3 percent)
  7. Three ore more AAPC credentials: $66,999 (2.1 percent)
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