AI not likely to replace physicians, experts say

By Mackenzie Garrity for Becker’s Hospital Review

Although technology and artificial intelligence is helping physicians, the tools will ultimately not replace clinicians, according to a panel of physicians and health executives interviewed by CNBC.

“I don’t think at this stage, we are 100 percent, or even close to 100 percent, sure that AI can replace a historical high-touch type of doctor-patient relationship,” said Chun Yuan Chiang, MD, a heal practitioner and founder of IHDPay Group.

Dr. Chiang and other healthcare technology experts met at the East Tech West conference to discuss the potential of AI in healthcare.

One consensus was that AI has truly reshaped healthcare.

“We used to use X-rays to detect lung cancer. The problem is you can only go to stage 3 or stage 4 with X-ray,” said Dai Ying, chief innovation officer for GE Healthcare. “Now, with CT you can see all lung modules, and with AI can tell where it is and how big it is. It’s much more advanced than before.”

Additionally, the panelists agreed that the use of AI will reduce costs in the healthcare industry.

“I think the technology is going to help us streamline the operations and reduce our operating costs,” said Jai Verma, CEO and board member of Cigna DIFC. “AI would help you make [cost processing] automated, so the future systems are going to help reduce your costs.”

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