Dolbey Unveils Computer-Assisted Coding Complete with Encoder

Chicago, IL – At the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) annual conference, Dolbey unveils the first full-functioning Computer-Assisted Coding solution complete with encoder technology.

Encoders are software solutions that have been used for many years to assist medical coders in resolving the complexities of coding medical charts for billing.  Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) is newer technology that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) technology to read patient charts and suggest codes prior to the coding event.  CAC has been proven to assist human coders in reaching new heights in productivity while assisting in raising levels of coding quality, revenue capture and case mix indexes for hospitals.

“Our first entry into the marketplace was Fusion CAC™, a computer-assisted coding product that would interface with the existing encoder technologies in the industry,” says Kris Wilson, President of Dolbey Systems, Inc.  “We accomplished this with current customers and new installations that demonstrate our willingness and ability to interface to all encoder solutions.  Our new offering, Fusion CACe, brings these two technologies into one workflow, one product with greater functionality than the sum of their parts”, Wilson states.

Dolbey’s new Fusion CACe™ incorporates the familiar and essential tools of the encoder.  Standard features included are interactive edits, AHA coding clinics, research for best practices, complete ICD-9 & ICD-10 code books with intelligent code search as well as the MS-DRG and APC Groupers.  Other specialty Groupers are available.

Wilson continues, “Our continued goal is to be a great interface partner with the encoders that we already know in the industry.  However, for hospitals that share our vision of a more complete and unified workflow, this is a timely solution that can bring greater productivity and accuracy to medical coding ahead of the massive transition to ICD-10.  By licensing the best content in the industry from our partners, Fusion CACe brings a fresh and innovative approach to a very tough job.”

Dolbey’s entire product suite includes solutions for medical dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and coding.  Dolbey is uniquely qualified to bring solutions that tie coding outcomes to physician-facing applications that can resolve both the documentation and coding challenges that face the healthcare industry with ICD-10.

About Dolbey

Dolbey is a leader in providing dictation, transcription, speech recognition and coding solutions for healthcare in the United States and Canada. Together, Dolbey and Company, Inc. and Dolbey Systems, Inc. offer the award winning Fusion Suite™ of integrated products which is backed by the industry’s largest organization of certified professionals who assist in design, implementation and support.

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