Physicians Voice Enthusiasm About Digital Dictation

By Florian Schwiecker for HIT Exchange There’s broad consensus today that automating clinical workflow can help improve patient care and save money. But while many practices are implementing sophisticated EHR systems, their dictation methods haven’t changed much since the 1960s. Many doctors still dictate into analog recorders that have been around since The Beatles’ heyday.…

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Dolbey Integrates Philips SpeechExec for iPhone and BlackBerry

Dolbey’s dictation and transcription workflow solutions now support the mobile dictation applications from Philips Speech Processing. Philips SpeechExec applications for iPhone and Blackberry devices provide a wireless dictation tool that securely sends dictations over a network or Internet connection. Dolbey’s dictation workflow solutions include Fusion Voice for enterprise dictation management and Atom Dictation for dictation…

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Fusion Voice® Gets Even Better

New Orleans, LA – From the 2007 Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) meeting, Dolbey introduced a powerful and unique interface available for the Fusion Voice® dictation system. Utilizing a new digital pocket memo recorder from Philips Dictation Systems, the DPM 9600, Dolbey has developed this interface from a healthcare provider’s patient scheduling system to…

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Trade up to Philips

Concord, OH – Dolbey announces its participation in the “Trade up to Philips” 11% rebate promotion on 9400 or 9450 Digital Pocket Memo portable recorders. This manufacturer-to-end-user rebate program benefits those who trade in their current portable recorders for a new Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9400 or 9450. Eligible dictation portable recorder for trade-in include:…

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Dolbey Announces the Philips 9850 DTD (Digital Telephone Desktop)

Dolbey, a leader in the dictation, transcription and speech recognition industry, today announced the immediate availability of the Philips 9850 DTD (Digital Telephone Desktop). The new product is specifically designed to offer remote telephone dictation in a small desktop unit while including exciting features that emulate a large dictation system.

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Philips DPM 9450VC

Philips released the DPM 9450VC, a handheld digital dictation recorder that provides the advantages of ease-of-use in a digital recording format while providing the new feature of capturing spoken identifiers using embedded speech recognition technology.

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