Dolbey Integrates Philips SpeechExec for iPhone and BlackBerry

Dolbey’s dictation and transcription workflow solutions now support the mobile dictation applications from Philips Speech Processing. Philips SpeechExec applications for iPhone and Blackberry devices provide a wireless dictation tool that securely sends dictations over a network or Internet connection.

Dolbey’s dictation workflow solutions include Fusion Voice for enterprise dictation management and Atom Dictation for dictation workgroups. Both of these platforms now support the use of the SpeechExec for iPhone and Blackberry devices including capturing the recorded voice as well as the dictation identifiers such as date, time, subject and author.

The software is offered to mobile users as a low cost annual license. It can be managed completely on-premise or by utilizing Dolbey’s hosted, cloud distribution server. Both provide for delivering mobile dictations to the customer’s systems securely.

“Philips Speech Processing has been a great partner of Dolbey’s for many years and we are excited to team up with them in offering this new and exciting product and platform,” states Kris Wilson, President of Dolbey Systems. “We support a great many Philips products on our software including SpeechMikes for dictation and speech recognition, digital voice recorders, transcription headsets and foot pedals. The iPhone and BlackBerry applications are a great addition for both our healthcare and legal customers alike.”

About Dolbey
Dolbey is a leader in providing dictation, transcription, speech recognition and coding solutions for healthcare in the United States and Canada. Together, Dolbey and Company, Inc. and Dolbey Systems, Inc. offer the award winning Fusion Suite™ of integrated products which is backed by the industry’s largest organization of certified professionals who assist in design, implementation and support.

About Philips Speech Processing
For more than 50 years, Philips Speech Processing has been the driving force in delivering dictation and speech technologies to users around the world. With its headquarters and production center located in Vienna, Austria, Philips Speech Processing is the world leader in professional digital and analogue dictation solutions. From office-based desktop dictation to mobile dictation, from conference recording to entire workflow solutions with the SpeechExec software family, our products support every imaginable scenario. Revolutionary digital dictation products, such as the SpeechMike, the Digital Pocket Memo with Voice Commands, the Barcode Module, and the LAN Docking Station are helping professionals to work more efficiently every day, in the easiest possible manner, entirely in keeping with Philips “sense and simplicity” philosophy. For more information, visit:

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