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Can AI help prevent physician burnout?

By Jordan Rosenfeld for Modern Economics So much of a physician’s workload includes repetitive, tedious tasks involved in researching diagnoses and analyzing patient data and imaging. On top of increasingly demanding administrative and regulatory burdens and EHR hassles, it’s no wonder physicians are burning out in record numbers. Experts in artificial intelligence (AI)—a form of…

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Hospitals up the ante for medical transcription tools as vendors modernize with automation, voice recognition

By Jeff Lagasse for Healthcare IT News New research determines that the time has come to finally replace those old analog devices. Medical transcription tools have long been legacy products but as vendors inject modern technologies, notably automation and voice recognition, new data suggests that hospitals are going to deploy more of these products and services amid…

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Cyberattack on Medical Software Shows Industry Vulnerability

By John Lauerman and Jeran Wittenstein, with assistance by Joshua Fineman and Saritha Rai for Bloomberg Technology Many doctors still can’t use a transcription service made by Nuance Communications Inc. three weeks after the company was hit by a powerful, debilitating computer attack. Hospital systems including Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center…

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Ransomware Cyber Attacks: How to Prepare & Respond

By Christine Bucci for BRITTON GALLAGHER Hackers are wielding their power across Europe by unleashing a rash of ransomware cyber attacks on companies, with the most severe hitting the Ukraine. Ransomware is a type of malware that holds your computer and data files hostage until the ransom pays the demanded amount. In the most recent European…

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