The US Patent Office has granted Dolbey a patent for Vision Click – voice-activated image searching technology

The US Patent Office has granted Dolbey and Company, Inc. patent number 11,024,305 that covers the use of image searching with voice recognition commands.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 — The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Dolbey and Company, Inc. patent number 11,024,305 that covers the use of image searching with voice recognition commands.

Many voice recognition applications are capable of transcribing dictations and performing basic functions, such as text formatting and navigation. However, as users become more comfortable with integrating voice recognition in their workflow, demand has risen for more functionality with voice recognition software, such as customized voice and work automation shortcuts.

This can be as simple as clicking a button or as complicated as carrying out a sequence of tasks, such as opening a web browser, navigating to a page, and clicking on a series of buttons. Traditionally, this functionality is accomplished using application program interfaces (APIs) or simulated keystrokes and mouse clicks to perform the desired actions.

This traditional approach may function for target applications that expose the API functionality or have keyboard shortcuts necessary to perform the desired commands. However, many target applications do not embed speech recognition functionality or provide standard means for automation. To accomplish similar functionality, Dolbey has built the voice-activated computer vision searching tool, Vision Click™. Vision Click locates and records an area to be clicked using image capture and user input, then performs that action wherever it is on the screen. Vision Click shortcuts also function on windows that are moved or resized on a desktop and across different screen resolutions.

Per Curtis Weeks, VP of Product Development at Dolbey, “Vision Clicks provide a way for users to easily automate application tasks that were simply not possible before. Productivity is critical for any organization, and Vision Click voice commands have an incredible impact on productivity.”

Dolbey continues to pave the way for more agile, flexible workflows with speech recognition. Vision Click shortcuts together with a suite of other automation features are aimed at reducing the time it takes for users to navigate increasingly complex applications. This problem is especially evident for healthcare providers completing documentation in electronic medical systems (EHRs). By reducing manual clicks and automated tasks healthcare providers can spend less time on documentation and more time with their patients.

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