25 statistics on medical coder salaries

By Laura Dyrda for Becker’s Hospital Review
The average salary for medical coding professionals varies by location, practice setting and credential.

The American Academy of Professional Coders conducts an annual survey to gather information about coder salary and publishes the report on its website. Here are 25 statistics about 2019 salaries, the most recent data available.

By location:

  • Pacific: $62,685
  • Mountain: $55,086
  • West North Central: $54,084
  • East South Central: $51,902
  • East North Central: $53,644
  • West South Central: $54,958
  • South Atlantic: $53,784
  • Mid Atlantic: $58,834
  • New England: $58,334

By setting:

  • Solo practice or small group: $48,109
  • Medium group practice: $49,639
  • Large group practice: $55,585
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient: $54,873
  • Health system: $57,637

By credential:

  • Certified professional biller: $55,078
  • Certified professional coder: $57,201
  • Certified outpatient coder: $65,028
  • Certified professional coder-payer: $62,612
  • Certified inpatient coder: $63,191
  • Certified risk adjustment coder: $64,882
  • Certified professional medical auditor: $69,172
  • Certified documentation expert-outpatient: $69,987
  • Certified professional coder-instructor: $75,403
  • Certified professional practice manager: $71,004
  • Certified professional compliance officer: $77,333
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  1. Are you finds based on having an AAPC certification or is this based on other certifications? I have a non AAPC certification and never had an issue getting a job. My new employer however is telling me that in order for me to get a higher pay I need to be AAPC certified despite the fact that I’ve had my other certification for 10years and never had an issue. I just find it highly disheartening that my cheaper yet renewable certification that I’ve had for 10yrs is not suitable just bc of a more expensive and popular AAPC certification is viable. It brings into question if AAPC is the standard then why are the other Certification companies not null and void?

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