Dolbey Announces Fusion CQM for Hospital Core Measures and Care Quality Management

CONCORD, OH – Fusion CQM™ is a complete quality and Core Measures management and reporting system which stands uniquely in the industry by offering concurrent quality review for better patient care.

Hospitals track the quality of the care they provide and report these statistics to The Joint Commission for voluntary accreditation and to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as one of several pay-for-performance initiatives. As The Joint Commission and CMS continue to expand these initiatives, hospitals will seek to move away from costly, manual and labor intensive processes to more efficient ways of monitoring quality metrics.

Fusion CQM provides automation and healthcare business intelligence to the quality review and reporting process. By using patent pending, real-time analysis of patient data, Fusion CQM assists the healthcare organization by quickly identifying and organizing the patient events that require quality reporting. It automates the data analysis and pinpoints areas of improvement so that care protocols can be quickly and more efficiently adjusted. Dolbey is approved by CMS and is included on The Joint Commission’s list of acceptable ORYX® vendors to report the quality data for all inpatient and outpatient measures on behalf of the healthcare provider.

“We entered the quality management space at the urging of our customers. They saw our solutions as a perfect fit to this expanding new challenge for hospitals and healthcare providers,” says Kris Wilson, President of Dolbey Systems, Inc. “We know that Fusion CQM is completely unique and offers our customers a big lift in meeting their quality reporting requirements.”

Rhonda Crabtree, Organizational Efficiency Officer of Knoxville-based Covenant Health System, states “When we began using Dolbey’s Fusion CQM we had over 23 RNs spending all or part of their day reviewing charts for quality reporting. Today, we have 3 Health Information Analysts doing that job. We used to review charts weeks or months after the patient had been discharged; now we are reviewing charts one week or less after discharge which gives us a chance to identify areas of improvement and implement change much faster in our hospitals. It has been very successful.”

Fusion CQM is part of Dolbey’s award winning suite of healthcare solutions. See Dolbey at HIMSS2015 booth #4843 and visit today to learn more.

About Dolbey

Dolbey is a leading provider of speech recognition powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™, dictation, transcription, quality management, and computer-assisted coding powered by AMI’s EMscribe® for healthcare providers in the United States and Canada. Together, Dolbey and Company, Inc. and Dolbey Systems, Inc. offer the Fusion Suite of integrated products.

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