Dolbey Introduces Fusion SpeechEMR to Integrate Speech Recognition Directly With an EMR.

Orlando FL – While exhibiting at HIMSS 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition, Dolbey, announced the release of Fusion SpeechEMR™, powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic. Fusion SpeechEMR offers physicians the ability to utilize speech recognition within any EMR or third party application. The new feature of Fusion Expert™ allows a physician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need of specialized integration to the third party application. By integrating Fusion SpeechEMR into Fusion Expert, physicians now have the ability to dictate into not only Fusion reports, but also medical reporting applications of any vendor or type. The Fusion Suite™ of products, which includes Fusion Expert, uses a single platform for any mode of physician dictation or speech recognition.

Bob Leslie, VP, GM of Dolbey and Company, Inc. states, “With the release of Fusion SpeechEMR, we have greatly enhanced our clients’ ability to use our speech recognition solution throughout their organization without the need for interfaces and integration with each individual application.” Bob Leslie concluded with, “We are excited to be able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive dictation/speech recognition solution all within one application.”

About Dolbey

Dolbey is a leader in providing dictation, transcription, speech recognition and coding solutions for healthcare in the United States and Canada. Together, Dolbey and Company, Inc. and Dolbey Systems, Inc. offer the award winning Fusion Suite™ of integrated products which is backed by the industry’s largest organization of certified professionals who assist in design, implementation and support.

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