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Dolbey is Best in KLAS for Speech Recognition: Front-End Imaging and Computer-Assisted Coding

Since Dolbey’s founding in 1914, the Dolbey name has stood for dependability and industry leading technology.  The Dolbey suite of solutions include physician-facing applications for speech recognition and dictation as well as solutions for document creation and transcription and revenue cycle solutions for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and computer-assisted coding (CAC).  This year, Dolbey earned…

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Workload fatigue is harming radiology residents’ reporting, declining as the hours, days elapse

By Matt O’ Connor for Health Imaging Diagnostic imaging utilization has increased dramatically over the past few decades, burdening radiologists with heavier workloads and higher burnout rates. This effect has trickled down to residents, as fatigue decreases the quality of their reporting throughout the workday and week. From 1999 to 2010, CT use increased by…

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Artificial Intelligence and Magical Thinking

By Charles Corfield for nVoq For many physicians alternative/complementary medicine is a sore point, where magical thinking on the part of patients and unproven/false claims by practitioners lead to significant harm (people die or are severely injured). When it comes to AI, physicians, too, may risk succumbing to magical thinking and could benefit from some…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Speech Recognition

Kamalika Some by Analytics Insights Speech recognition is the newest technology fad empowered to recognize spoken words, which can further be converted into text. Speech Recognition encapsulates voice recognition, a technology deployed to identify a person based on their voice. AI-powered Speech Recognition has been the toast of offerings among major tech giants. The top-performing…

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How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Medicine

By Anahad O’Connor for The New York Times Last month, President Trump signed an executive order making the development and regulation of artificial intelligence a federal priority. But one area where artificial intelligence is already taking hold is health care. Doctors are already using A.I. to spot potentially lethal lesions on mammograms. Scientists are also…

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