Orca bites, spacecraft accidents & more: 15 weirdest ICD-10 codes

By Angie Stewart for Becker’s Hospital Review

Carevoyance compiled a list of unusual ICD-10 codes to highlight the level of specificity ASCs, hospitals and medical practices must capture, according to Chief Commercial Officer Katie Vahle.

Here are 15 highly unusual ICD-10 codes:

1. W5621XA: Bitten by Orca, Initial Encounter

2. X52XXXA: Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment, Initial Encounter

3. V9540XA: Unspecified Spacecraft Accident Injuring Occupant, Initial Encounter

4. X3743XA: Tidal Wave Due to Landslide, Initial Encounter

5. W370XXA: Explosion of Bicycle Tire, Initial Encounter

6. W2201XA: Walked into Wall, Initial Encounter

7. V9733XA: Sucked into Jet Engine, Initial Encounter

8. W61.12: Struck by a Macaw

9. V9431XA: Injury to Rider of (Inflatable) Recreational Watercraft Being Pulled Behind Other Watercraft, Initial Encounter

10. V80721A: Occupant of Animal-Drawn Vehicle Injured in Collision with Other Animal-Drawn Vehicle, Initial Encounter

11. V0101XA: Pedestrian on Roller-Skates Injured in Collision with Pedal Cycle in Nontraffic Accident, Initial Encounter

12. V00152A: Heelies Colliding with Stationary Object, Initial Encounter

13. T63823A: Toxic Effect of Contact with Venomous Toad, Assault, Initial Encounter

14. V981XXA: Accident to, on or Involving Land-Yacht, Initial Encounter

15. X981XXA: Assault by Hot Tap Water, Initial Encounter

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