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Why CDI Often Times Goes off the Rails

Why CDI Often Times Goes off the Rails

By Glenn Krauss, RHIA, BBA, CCS, CCS-P, CPUR, CCDS, C-CDI, PCS, FCS, C-CDAM for ICD10 Monitor 

Moving beyond CDI to optimize reimbursement requires returning to an optimal and sustainable level of achievable excellence.

A well-guided, thought-out, directed mission is paramount to driving and ensuring success in any professional role – and this particularly holds true for the profession of clinical documentation improvement (CDI). In my travels as a consultant and in speaking with numerous CDI colleagues, I have become convinced that the major limiting factor in clinical documentation improvement effectiveness and outcomes is the targeted mission of the profession preventing optimal sustainable achievement of excellence.

With the rapid evolution in healthcare delivery models and emphasis on quality, value, cost-effective outcomes, patient centeredness, and healthcare prevention, all impacted by the accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation and derived data, the imperativeness of a thoughtful, well-designed, meaningful mission of CDI cannot be overemphasized.


Article originally published on March 20, 2018 by ICD10 Monitor.

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