Fusion SpeechEMR

Dolbey Fusion Narrate receives the highest user score for front-end speech recognition for EMRs in new KLAS 2020 report.

Dolbey is a leading provider of cloud- and premise-based speech recognition solutions for healthcare, with two premier speech recognition products – Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ and Fusion SpeechEMR® powered by SpeechMagic™. In the Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment Highlight report, Fusion Narrate received the highest overall score. KLAS Research is a healthcare information technology…

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How Harvard radiologists rapidly adopted a new reporting structure for possible COVID-19 patients

Marty Stempniak for Radiology Business When a patient with possible COVID-19 presents at the radiology department, it can trigger a number of urgent steps that include isolation, testing, strict cleaning protocols and the use of scarce personal protective equipment. Wanting to provide physicians with a clear process to report and launch these next steps, Harvard…

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Researchers at Mount Sinai use AI to detect COVID-19 in lung scans

By Kat Jerich for Healthcare IT News Researchers from New York-based Mount Sinai Health System have combined artificial intelligence, imaging and clinical data to rapidly detect COVID-19 in patients. In a study published this week in Nature Medicine, researchers used AI algorithms in conjunction with chest CT scans and patient history to quickly diagnose patients who…

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Artificial Intelligence and Magical Thinking

By Charles Corfield for nVoq For many physicians alternative/complementary medicine is a sore point, where magical thinking on the part of patients and unproven/false claims by practitioners lead to significant harm (people die or are severely injured). When it comes to AI, physicians, too, may risk succumbing to magical thinking and could benefit from some…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Speech Recognition

Kamalika Some by Analytics Insights Speech recognition is the newest technology fad empowered to recognize spoken words, which can further be converted into text. Speech Recognition encapsulates voice recognition, a technology deployed to identify a person based on their voice. AI-powered Speech Recognition has been the toast of offerings among major tech giants. The top-performing…

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