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Can AI help prevent physician burnout?

By Jordan Rosenfeld for Modern Economics So much of a physician’s workload includes repetitive, tedious tasks involved in researching diagnoses and analyzing patient data and imaging. On top of increasingly demanding administrative and regulatory burdens and EHR hassles, it’s no wonder physicians are burning out in record numbers. Experts in artificial intelligence (AI)—a form of…

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Coding and the Third-Party Option

By Selena Chavis for For The Record As outsourcing models gain a foothold, health care organizations weigh the pros and cons. Outsourced models are increasingly recognized as an attractive and viable option for a number of operational areas within health care organizations. In line with this trend, many organizations are considering the potential of moving either…

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Unfinished Business

By Susan Chapman for For The Record Findings from The Joint Commission show many surveyed hospitals house incomplete medical records. When so many aspects of health care revolve around quality documentation, it would be good to know that providers are accomplished medical record custodians. Depending on your perspective, the news on that front isn’t half…

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